Michal and Jason Rouse

Tara was fantastic, and we feel so lucky to have had her with us! Our son absolutely loved her, and if he hadn’t started sleeping through the night we would have kept her on. From day one, Tara was hands on, showing us how to do everything from the basics, to more complicated things like storing and freezing breast milk, breastfeeding, etc. Tara was able to help us a few days during the daytime as well, which was an added bonus. I would highly recommend Tara to anyone looking for a postpartum doula/newborn care specialist. We plan to use her again when we have our second child.

Rachelle Crone

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Tara has been our overnight postpartum doula since our daughter, Kennedy, was five days old. Kennedy is now four months old and I still have Tara weekly because she’s the best! From day one, Tara helped me learn how to be a mom and gave me the confidence to do a great job. Tara would have Kennedy during the night in the baby’s room and bring her to me for feedings. In the early days as we were learning to breastfeed, Tara would help Kennedy latch on to the breast for successful feeds, burp her between sides, change her diaper and reswaddle making nighttime feeds as painless as possible. I had an emergency c-section so was restricted on how much to move and I was able to listen to the doctor’s “rules” because of Tara. Tara helped transition Kennedy into her crib as well as set up good sleeping habits from the beginning for our daughter. Tara is so knowledgeable that I jokingly call her “Google.” When she isn’t working for us and I am questioning something regarding Kennedy, I call Tara and, without hesitation, she is able to help answer the questions I have. Tara never tries to be the mom, but she sure does love and care for my child as if she’s her own. I promise you will not regret hiring Tara for your nighttime help!

Lisa Benjamin

My experience hiring Tara as a postpartum doula and newborn care specialist far surpassed my expectations. As a first time mother and single parent I knew I would need some help transitioning from childbirth to motherhood. I wasn’t quite sure what that help was or who that person would be until I received a recommendation to call Tara. I spent my pregnancy beyond excited in anticipation of the birth of my baby girl but was nervous knowing I had little experience taking care of a newborn. Tara was there from the moment we left the hospital, spending days and nights helping me recover from a c-section and take care of my baby as if she was her own. She is amazing, wonderful, kind, caring and, most importantly, extremely knowledgeable about everything related to baby. She makes taking care of an infant look incredibly easy, but it’s certainly a challenging job. When our contract was up we were sad to see Tara leave, but within 24 hours we asked Tara to come back as soon as I realized I wasn’t recovered enough to be on my own and how desperately we needed her help. She came back and I am eternally grateful for every moment she spent caring for my baby, for me and helping out in the first weeks of our lives together. Tara is a now a part of our little family, she is the absolute best at what she does, she taught me many tools fo the trade and gave me the confidence to start this journey through parenthood. I truly didn’t know how much I needed Tara until we had her in our home and it was the best investment emotionally, financially and in every way possible.

Beth Cohan

If anyone is looking for a newborn care specialist and/or postpartum doula, I highly recommend Tara Schields. We just finished up a 10-week contract with her (after extending our initial contract twice) and she will be greatly missed. Tara provides excellent support for mom and baby when we need it the most. We had Tara come to our house as a newborn care specialist every weeknight once my daughter was born and by the time she reached 10 weeks old Paige was sleeping comfortably in her crib for 9-11 hours at a time.