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Newborn Care Specialist and Postpartum Doula

As a trained newborn care specialist and trained postpartum doula with over 20 years of newborn care experience, I offer a unique expertise in both the postpartum period and the nurturing of newborns. In addition to physically supporting parents and their newest addition, I weave education into the time we spend together because my goal is for parents to feel confident in their roles and empowered with knowledge by the end of my time with them.

In combining these two roles, the following are the services I am able to provide to your family:

Nursery setup and organization

Guide you with the proper newborn care techniques

Bathing baby

Dressing baby

Changing diapers

Circumcision care and intact care for the uncircumcised baby

Creating and maintaining a healthy feeding schedule

Breastfeeding and pumping support

Freezing and organizing any extra supply of breastmilk

Cleaning bottles, preparing new bottles and bottle-feeding newborn

Washing, drying, folding and putting away baby’s laundry

Establishing healthy sleep habits for parents and baby

Providing overnight care while parents sleep or are away

Knowledgeable in reflux, GERD and colic

Knowledgeable in torticollis, plagiocephaly and the prevention of plagiocephaly

Knowledgeable in working with special needs newborns, premature babies and working with multiples

Complete nightly log sheets to track feeding times, amount fed, diapers changed, etc.

Emotional and physical support for new parents, day and night

Prepare small meals and snacks that satisfy your nutritional needs postpartum

Accompany you to appointments related to your recovery or to your baby

Run grocery errands

Keep a watchful eye over your baby while you rest, eat or bathe

Availability via phone, text and email